Jeep #4 Day 7 – The Dealership’s Counteroffer

The General Sales manager at the dealership offered an exchange for my vehicle. I am exploring this option, though my preference is to undo the sale. Here is what he said in the e-mail:


Since the vehicle is under factory warranty returning the vehicle is not an option. Neither is us providing you with transportation while you shop for another vehicle.

What I can do is a substitution of collateral. What that means is I can replace your existing vehicle with an identical one of course at no expense to you. You can also purchase any other Jeep product of different value and pay the difference if necessary( higher trim level, different model). We will handle all details with the lender.

If those options don’t work for you, then you have to work with service dept and the manufacturer to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Let me know how you wish to proceed.

General Manager
Dulles Motorcars inc.

I replied that I would like to explore this option, so they are looking to see what stock is available. These are not the adventures I want to take in my Jeeps.

Before accepting this offer, I need to do due diligence and call the State of Virginia’s Office of Consumer Affairs to verify that the dealership has no legal obligation to allow me to return the car and get my money back.

Office of Consumer Affairs
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
102 Governor Street Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 786-2042 or 1-800-552-9963
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

…this story continues…


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