Jeep #4 Day 8

Question of the Day:  Will the Manufacturer Refund My Money? (because the GM at the dealership has made clear he won’t)

Today I called and filed a case with Chrysler, asking for a refund. I should hear back from them later this week.


The counteroffer from the dealership smells more and more suspicious.

The general manager at Dulles Motorcars insists that the dealership has no accountability here. But, as a “courtesy,” he is, for a limited time only, offering a replacement.

The issue is not with the dealership but with the factory. As a courtesy we can do a substitution of collateral.

I can’t find a legal definition of “substitution of collateral.” He says in the e-mail exchange this would be a vehicle obtained from another dealer with “some miles on it.” He would not give me specifics, other than it has one or two items that were not on the original vehicle, which I would not have to pay for.

Is it one or is it two additional options? What are they? Are you going to send me a Web link so I can check it out? I need to see the window sticker. Is this a demo? Has this “substantial collateral” replacement had repair work? Does water leak in it? How many miles is “some miles”?

I paid for a new car, not a “substantial collateral” car. I want to see a word like “equivalent.”

I asked him how long this “courtesy” would be available and he said:

As long as the replacement is available. If that vehicle is sold then you are responsible for any difference in price should you choose one w more options. Also you might have to switch colors

General Manager Dulles Motorcars inc. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, KIA, Subaru

Exploring Other Potential Avenues of Justice

I spoke with the state AG office this morning and was told that I do not have to accept a replacement vehicle, but I’m not sure if she means from the dealer or from the manufacturer. I also had the impression that any replacement would need to be exactly like the one I selected. She said something about a “replacement” not meeting the Terms & Conditions of the original contract. I told her all this was beyond my understanding, and that I would appreciate her help.

I will put my claim together and mail it off later this week.

Why I Don’t Want a Replacement

Do I need a reason?

Aside from the current class-action lawsuit on leaky sunroofs… we can add the following reports about problems with the 2015 Cherokee:

…this story continues…


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