Jeep #4 Feature: Engine Start/Stop System Performance

It could be that I’m not used to it, but I don’t think the Engine Stop/Start system is working correctly. At the very least, the ESS system is inconsistent in how it operates. This is a new technology, so I am not sure what behavior to expect, but here is what is happening:

After driving the car a few days, I saw a green icon light up on the instrument panel. It was a letter A with a circle and an arrow. I thought something was wrong, but it turns out, this is supposed to happen. This is the ESS indicator light telling me the system is active.

I had the car at least a week before I saw this light come on.

On my way to my acupuncture treatment last night, I was stopped at a light and the icon did not light up. Then after maybe 25 seconds, it came on and the instrument panel dimmed (and stayed dimmed).

When I drove (about 14 miles) to the dealership this morning, I paid attention when I stopped at the traffic lights:

  • At four traffic lights, the ESS light did not come on at all, though I was completely stopped.
  • At one traffic light the indicator light came on when I stopped and the car, then started again when I took my foot off the brake. (This is how it should operate.)
  • At one traffic light, the light came on, but then decided to go out, and the car restarted again while stopped with my foot on the brake.

The dealership claims that the ESS system is working correctly. if so, this is one of those new technologies I can do without. It is annoying and disrupts my driving. Not recommended. The articles I’ve read say the improvements in mileage are “slight.”

I miss you Jeep #3!


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