News: Jeep’s 9-speed Transmission

Mar 2015 – asks “Would we buy a 2014 Jeep Cherokee again?

Feb 2015 – Autonews article Another fix for Jeep’s troubled transmission

The pace at which Fiat Chrysler dealers are replacing nine-speed transmissions in consumer vehicles has remained fairly constant, averaging between 12 and 15 a week, according to dealer part orders.

“It’s the refinement of those issues, as opposed to anything else. …There’s nothing substantial. It’s just a nuisance, and I don’t like it.” — Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne

Memo to Sergio:  you don’t like it? For drivers, it is more than a nuisance. Fiat should not be following the Google testing platform of let the users test it and tell us what is wrong. Gmail is free, Jeeps are not.

Sergio asks us to “trust him.”

“There are always teething issues with every transmission I’ve ever built, and I mean that literally.”

“We keep tuning the transmission more and more as we get more familiar with it.

“I’m never satisfied, but I think I’m OK with its application in the current car. It will get better six months from now, trust me.”


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