Jeep #4 Report: Complaint Filed With Better Business Bureau

After Chrysler’s Jeep Resolution Team failed to do the right thing, I filed a complaint against the dealership with the Better Business Bureau. [Complaint # 10536653]

If, indeed, consumers have no protection in a situation like mine, then this will come to naught. But I won’t know unless I present my case.

I am trying to figure out if I should also file a complaint with the National Center for Dispute Settlement. They handle arbitration of automobile warranty disputes. I don’t think this organization can help me because this is not a dispute about a warranty. This is a dispute about selling a damaged vehicle as new.

Note:  If you call 586-226-2470, they instruct you to go to When I called to ask a question about whether I should bother filling a claim, because this is not a warranty issue, I was instructed to leave a message, and then I got a message saying the mailbox was full.

Jeep #4 now has about 350 miles on it.


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