Jeep #4 Report: Jeep Resolution Team Offer Not Satisfactory

My case manager from the Jeep Resolution Team called today to tell me what Chrysler would and would not do for me.

What Chrysler would not do:  buy back or replace the vehicle (a buyback/refund is what I wanted and think is warranted in this case).

What Chrysler was willing to do and nothing more (a take it or leave it offer):  augment my warranty from 3 years / 36,000 miles to 5 years / 60,000 miles Maximum Care. (Didn’t the 5 yr/60k warranty used to be standard? I mean, after manufacturers stopped giving the 10 yr/100k warranty?)

Question of the Day:  Are there any car manufacturers in business that back the product they sell?

The upgraded Max Care warranty comes with a $100 deductible and includes rental car coverage and towing. The value of this offer is $1,030.

Once again, I felt the need to remind her that this is about a manufacturer sending defective products to dealers, the product sustaining damage as a result, and then dealers selling damaged goods as though they were new, and everyone absolving themselves of responsibility. This is not about a repair being made after the fact. A car with water damage cannot be made “like new.”

I asked if there was a way to escalate the issue, and she said no. I asked what happens if I say no, is that the end of it? And she said, yes. I ask if accepting this offer precluded me from taking further action to get a refund or replacement, and she said no. At first glance, it seemed like accepting the offer might be okay to do.

Then I thought about it some more:  right now my standard 3 yr/36k warranty does not have a deductible. Does accepting this offer mean that I will now be charged $100 for items under warranty? [UPDATE 3/18:  I left two voicemail messages with my contact at the Jeep Resolution Team to find out.]

[UPDATE 3/20:  I confirmed that the $100 deductible does not kick in until the extended warranty kicks in. While that is good news, this offer is still not satisfactory. I paid for a new car with no water damage, and that is what Chrysler and its dealerships ought to deliver.]

Note to Chris W, whom I met at Fair Oaks Jeep Service Center this morning:  She was not going to give me the zero deductible, no way, no how. Thanks for talking Jeep Shop with me this morning. All the best to you and with your JGC.

While the Jeep Resolution Team branch of the Jeep #4 Car Drama has concluded, as far as I know… the main story continues…


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