Jeep # 4 Report: Notified WJLA 7 on Your Side

I don’t know if the details of my Jeep #4 Car Drama are newsworthy, but today I called WJLA 7 on Your Side to tell them what has been going on. I left a message and followed up with an e-mail.

7 On Your Side
Phone: 703-236-9778

UPDATE:  Following is a list of issues which WJLA 7 on Your Side generally does not cover:

  • Problems with car dealers or car mechanics.
  • Landlord-tenant disputes involving rents or evictions.
  • Employment disputes.
  • Workman’s compensation disputes.
  • School bus scheduling.
  • Consumer issues if you already have retained legal counsel.

Question of the Day:  What is newsworthy? Where are great injustices being committed in the world today? Do you believe you will give an account for how you treated yourself and others throughout the gift of life?

In his Message for Lent 2015, Pope Francis asks the Church to fight the “globalization of indifference.” What if you started to say no to “selfies” and yes to others? To whom would you say YES and how would you say it? What if you lived your life in such a way that it was no longer about you? (You and your Car Drama Blog!)


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