Jeep #4 Report: Status of Complaint w/ State Atty General’s Office

The Virginia Attorney General’s Office received my complaint, assigned it, and forwarded my complaint to the business. Participation in this dispute resolution process is voluntary, so Dulles Motorcars may say “no thanks.” The VAG office has requested a response in 10 business days.

I’ve been thinking about what I will do if that happens. Before I can decide, I need to talk to some lawyers. I have found a law firm that handles consumer protection issues, so I need to discuss the particulars with them to see if I have a case for getting a refund or brand new replacement vehicle. If I do have a case, then, though I do not want to, I think I will move forward with a lawsuit. It is common for law firms to take on consumer protection cases on a contingency basis (meaning little or no money up front, which will influence my decision.) While this is not how I want to spend my time and energy, and not what I signed up for when I was searching for my next 10-year car, this has turned out to be the mission at hand.

Note:  All complaints to the state attorney general’s office are available for public review under the Freedom of Information Act.

Jeep #4 crossed the 500 mile mark and has been christened with sesame seeds from the bun of my Burger King hamburger food product, which I ate in the car last Thursday.


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