Jeep #4 Engine Start/Stop System Malfunction

This is my second Jeep #4 ESS System malfunction entry. The subject/title for the first entry had a question mark (?) at the end; this time, there is no question mark.

Twice in the past two days I left the ESS system on. [I’m starting to turn it off, but sometimes I forget… because who would think to start the car and then have to turn off “features” and “options” you don’t want? Annoying is an understatement. And twice now, the ESS system activated while at a stop light, and the while still still (yes, that is two stills back-to-back on purpose) at the stoplight, the ESS system turned on.]


It’s not supposed to turn back on until I take my foot off the brake.

Question of the Day (for mechanical engineers):  Is this ESS system thing going to shorten the life the car’s engine? If so, by how much? I mean, I’m no engineer (I break things), but it seems to me that all that on/off, on/off/on, in addition to the many malfunctions and inconsistencies, is going to take its toll on an otherwise good engine that might have lasted 250k miles. You tell me. You are the smart ones.

OH, and as far as I can tell, turning the ESS system off does not decrease my gas mileage all that much. At least, I’m not noticing a difference, as I conduct my experiments.

Some Answers

All of this is way more technical that I want to be/get. Make a good, reliable car and charge a fair price. That is all I’m asking for.


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