Jeep #4 Engine Start/Stop System Malfunction (again?)

Um, yes. Again.

This morning my stepfather and I drove to his neighborhood Wal-Mart to buy some wax (because Jeep #4 was getting its first hand wash & wax). Usually, I let him drive, but we were playing musical cars in the driveway, and I was already in the driver’s seat.

We drive less than 1 mile. Since there is only one stop sign between the house and Wal-Mart, I don’t bother to turn off the ESS system.

I pull into a parking space (in the wayback corner of the lot, because I have new car syndrome), and with my foot on the brake, I begin the car shutdown process. I don’t know if I had shifted into park yet, but I think I had. When I stopped the car, the ESS system must have turned on immediately (for a change), meaning the engine shut down when the car stopped. I’m still going through my “driver shutdown process,” while my stepfather is out of his seatbelt, door open, and about to exit, when the car starts again. This happens just as I was about to push the Start/Stop button, to turn the car off. This is similar to what happened the first week I had it, when I pulled into a parking space at work, and after shifting into Park, the car started up on its own.

What is going on with Chrysler’s ESS system??? I hate it!

And I think it is dangerous.

When a driver is parked in a parking space, shutting down the car, and the impatient, mission-oriented passenger, is halfway out the door, the car should not start itself.


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