Jeep #4 Report: Finally Getting Legal Advice

When the complaints with the State Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau seem to go nowhere, then it is time to call a law firm.

Today I finally spoke to a legal assistant at a local law firm that handles consumer protection cases. I had completed an online inquiry form last month, but never heard back, and then we played phone tag. But things are moving along right on time.

If you find yourself walking in my shoes and want to discuss the details of your car purchase with a lawyer, be prepared to provide the following documents:

  • All correspondence between you and the dealer [it is best to make all your requests in writing (e-mail is fine), so you have written records]
  • Statements/Invoices
  • All diagnostic or estimates from any dealerships (when you go to the dealership for service, make sure the technician documents your issues precisely)
  • All documents from the day of purchase (Buyers Order, Trade-In information, Financing Information, etc.)
  • All correspondence between you and BBB and dealer
  • All correspondence between you and Attorney General and dealer
  • Any other documents you may have concerning the vehicle

I have a lot of documents to print and copy for my free 15-minute consultation!

Question of the Day 1:  Do I have a false advertising case against the dealership, which entitles me to get the $995 destination fee returned?

Question of the Day 2:  Do I have an auto fraud or tort case against the dealership, which entitles me to return the car for a refund?

I went to the dealership myself, asking for these things, and the dealership laughed.

I went through the Virginia State Attorney General’s Office for dispute resolution, and the dealership stood its ground..

I went through the Better Business Bureau, and the dealership continued to do nothing.

Now these questions will be answered by legal counsel in the next few weeks.


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