Used Cars: Long-term Quality Index

For Used Car Buyers

The Long-term Quality Index (LTQI) gives Jeep Cherokee a 66.4 reliability score; the grand Cherokee’s reliability rating is 58.5.

Question of the Day:  At what point is a car owner willing to trade in their vehicle at wholesale value? (How much is it costing to fix and fix again the next month?)

Some of the reasons it took me six months to buy a new car:

  • I did not want to accept wholesale value for my trade-in.
  • I did not want to sell Jeep #3 myself or have two cars at the same time.
  • I was not seeing quality vehicles; nothing I test drove seemed to be worth the asking price, nor did I believe any of the makes/models would last 11.5 years like Jeep #3.
  • And there was nothing I liked as much as Jeep #3.

I look forward to seeing specific model/year data on LTQI. Honda/Acura and Toyota/Lexus are starting to appeal to me more and more after looking at their charts. (I never thought I would still be researching car makes and models, but I am.)


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