Event: March for Marriage DC 2015

What:  Third annual March for Marriage DC

When:  Today, April 25 2015

Where:  Washington, DC


Learn more:  https://www.marriagemarch.org/ and https://nationformarriage.org/

Question of the Day 1:  Is it discrimination to not allow a same sex couple to file a joint tax return, which a married man and woman are permitted to do?

Question of the Day 2:  What is marriage? (and when was the meaning and purpose of marriage ever about taxes?)

Question of the Day 3:  In your life, what do you seek, day in and day out? Is it Truth? Is it Self? Is it family? Is it work? Is it pleasure or a dream? Is it ideas or material goods? Is it your daily bread? Do you seek with your mind? your body? your spirit? Do these seek together or fight each other to achieve different goals? In your seeking, what, if anything, do you ask of others? And in your daily seeking and striving, what have you found?

Rules for the New Life in Christ:  Therefore, putting away falsehood, speak the truth, each one to his neighbor, for we are members one of another. — Ephesians 4:25

Discussion and Viewpoints and Related Material


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