Evening Rabbit Report 06-04-15

Tonight I watched Raymond Arroyo (The World Over) interview Father Cassian Folsom, the prior of the Benedictine monastery in Norcia. While discussing the monks’ new release Benedicta:  Marian Chant from Norcia, the following ideas were expressed (not exactly in this order), but this is the general sentiment:

When King Saul, enslaved by an evil spirit, experienced a fit of madness, David would play the harp to calm him (see 1 Samuel 16:23). This mad world is in great need of the vibration of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Benedicta certainly transports me out of the muck of the earth (more often the muck of my own making) and lifts my spirit. I would add that this is the vibration of reverence and humility, and the creature’s gratitude for being loved by his Creator.

So let us listen to the monks chant, and ask God to pour his peace into our souls and into the this mad world.


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