Saint Norbert

Saint of the Day:  Norbert of Xanten

German, b. circa 1080, d. 1134
Deacon, Priest, Bishop, and Founder of the Norbertines (called so because Premonstratensians rolls too easily off the tongue)
Like Saul, was thrown from his horse and experienced a miraculous conversion
Preached peace, repentance, and reform; fought heresy and a culture of indifference
As “apostle of the Blessed Sacrament,” Saint Norbert’s symbol is the ciborium (Latin for vessel, container, which holds the Blessed Sacrament)

patron of peace, Magdeburg; invoked during childbirth for safe delivery

Saint Norbert, pray for us, as Pope Francis continues to encourage the faithful to fight the “globalization of indifference”:

Together with the saints who have found their fulfilment in God, we form part of that communion in which indifference is conquered by love. The Church in heaven is not triumphant because she has turned her back on the sufferings of the world and rejoices in splendid isolation. Rather, the saints already joyfully contemplate the fact that, through Jesus death and resurrection, they have triumphed once and for all over indifference, hardness of heart and hatred. Until this victory of love penetrates the whole world, the saints continue to accompany us on our pilgrim way. Saint Therese of Lisieux, a Doctor of the Church, expressed her conviction that the joy in heaven for the victory of crucified love remains incomplete as long as there is still a single man or woman on earth who suffers and cries out in pain: “I trust fully that I shall not remain idle in heaven; my desire is to continue to work for the Church and for souls” (Letter254, July 14, 1897). We share in the merits and joy of the saints, even as they share in our struggles and our longing for peace and reconciliation. Their joy in the victory of the Risen Christ gives us strength as we strive to overcome our indifference and hardness of heart.
— Pope Francis, Message for Lent 2015


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