Jeep #4 Report: Dulles Motorcars Revives the BBB Complaint

I would much rather be reading and writing about a Saint of the Day or religious freedom, and more important than that, interior freedom, or why Saint John the Baptist is my favorite saint, but instead, I have a Jeep #4 report.

The last Jeep #4 Report (06-23-15) detailed the interest of the general manager at Dulles Motorcars to meet in person to discuss his “ideas” about resolving “the situation with my Jeep Cherokee.” I was surprised to hear from him after months of no communication. When I asked him to share his ideas in writing, he refused. So I then sent him the following reply on June 23:

I would like to know specifically what Mr Hamid Saghafi and Mr Kevin Saghafi have authorized you to do.
I was clear in my complaints to the State Attorney General’s office and the Better Business Bureau as to the kind of outcomes I was looking for.
  • Will the owners allow me to return the car for a full refund?
  • Are you looking to replace the water-damaged vehicle you sold me with a brand new one with an extended lifetime max warranty?
  • Are you looking to correct the overcharging of fees?
There is no point for me to come to the dealership if we have not already agreed upon a fair resolution. Further, I will not take any action until a consumer protection lawyer familiar with the details of the sale reviews your offer and verifies that the outcome is fair and reasonable.

Dulles Motorcars next move was to reply to my complaint (#10536653) with the Better Business Bureau, which they had ignored since March 27. The dealership stopped responding back in April to my complaints with the State Attorney General’s Office and was probably hoping the BBB would follow suit and auto-close the complaint. If you go to the Dulles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram page on the BBB Web site, it shows four complaints with the following status:

BBB has not heard back from the consumer as to their satisfaction with the business’s response, or the business addressed the issues within the complaint, but the consumer remains dissatisfied. (4 complaints)

Indeed, I remain dissatisfied. And rightly so.

The latest reply to the BBB was supposedly signed by one of the owners of the dealership (as I had requested that the customer service manager escalate the complaint to the owners). He claims that I have been unresponsive and unreasonable.

Is it unreasonable that a consumer expect to get a new car without water damage at the price confirmed via e-mail? Is that really an unreasonable expectation? Apparently, the owners and staff at Dulles Motorcars think so. Is it unresponsive that I have more than 50 e-mail messages (to and from the dealership) related to the purchase of this car in addition to filing complaints with the manufacturer, the State AG Office, the BBB, and the Federal Trade Commission (see recent FTC actions in the auto marketplace), in addition to putting dealer rater reviews on several consumer Web sites?

I am many things, but no one has ever called me unresponsive or unreasonable.

As Trungpa Rinpoche likes to say “Aren’t we ridiculous?”

Indeed we human beings are ridiculous. That I will readily agree with!

Looking toward the next installment of the Jeep #4 drama:  Mr Saghafi also indicated that he forwarded his letter with my June 23 e-mail above to the Chrysler (FCA) Mid-Atlantic Business Center. In my reply, I asked for contact information so I could follow up with the manufacturer since the dealership no longer wanted to work toward a fair and just resolution. I found Charlie Glymph on LinkedIn; he lists himself as Head of Customer Experience for Chrysler’s Mid-Atlatic Business Center. I can’t find a phone number or e-mail, which I need to confirm that Mr Saghafi did forward his letter and my e-mail for resolution and to which I will add the 50 e-mails and actual timeline of events, the full contents of the AG and BBB complaints, evidence of the dealership’s continued resistance to doing the right thing (dealers take cars back all the time and there was every reason to do so in this case), and my award-winning endurance and persistence!

Interesting Factoid of the Day:  In 2014, the BBB received 1,884,957 inquires about auto dealers / new cars and 24,739 people filed complaints. This industry ranks 9th for inquires and 4th for number of complaints. 88% of complaints were settled. Source: BBB Complaint and Inquiry Statistics


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