Read Good Books 07-04-15

Quotes From Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe

True freedom is not so much something man wins for himself; it is a free gift from God, a fruit of the Holy Spirit, received in the measure in which we place ourselves in a relationship of loving dependence on our Creator and Savior. This is where the Gospel paradox is most apparent: “Whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” In other words, people who wish to preserve and defend their own freedom at any cost will lose it, but those willing to “lose” it by leaving it trustingly in God’s hands will save it. Their freedom will be restored to them, infinitely more beautiful, infinitely deeper, as a marvelous gift from God’s tenderness. Our freedom is, in fact, proportionate to the love and childlike trust we have for our heavenly Father. (pp 14–15)

Very often we feel restricted in our situation, our family, or our surroundings. But maybe the real problem lies elsewhere:  in our hearts. There we are restricted, and that is the root of our lack of freedom. If we loved more, love would give our lives infinite dimensions, and we would no longer feel so hemmed in. (pp 20–21)

Often, we fail to accept others because deep down, we do not accept ourselves. If we are not at peace with ourselves we will necessarily find ourselves at war with other people. (p 43)

The most painful suffering is the suffering we reject … there will always be sufferings that have no remedies, and these we must make an effort to accept peacefully. (p 46)

Our human wisdom needs a very thorough shake-up. Not to destroy it, but to purify it, and free it from its limitations. It is always marked by a certain measure of selfishness and pride, and by lacks of faith and love. Our narrow vision needs opening up to God’s wisdom; we require an in-depth renewal. Sin, by its nature, is narrowing; holiness is openness of spirit and greatness of soul. (p 51)


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