Saint Bonaventure

Saint of the Day:   Bonaventure, “The Seraphic Doctor”

Italy, b. circa 1221, d. 1274

Franciscan Friar and minister general of the order; Bishop; Doctor of the Church; peacemaker; a contemporary of Saint Thomas Aquinas; helped prepare for and spoke at the Second Council of Lyons, the primary goal of which was to reunite the Eastern and Western churches; called the “seraphic (angelic) doctor,” because of his focus on the love of God in his writings

patron saint of bowel disorders
symbol:  cardinal’s hat, ciborium

Pray with Saint Bonaventure

When we pray, the voice of the heart must be heard more than the proceedings of the mouth.

Writings of Saint Bonaventure

If you learn everything except Christ, you learn nothing. If you learn nothing except Christ, you learn everything.

…open your eyes, bend your ear, stop up your mouth, and stir up your heart, to see, understand, praise, love and glorify God in all things, if you do not wish the whole universe to rise up against you.


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