Saint Mary Magdalene

Memorial of Saint Mary Magdalene, “the apostle to the apostles”

1st century

A woman from whom Jesus cast out seven demons (Luke 8:2); stood by the cross of Jesus with his mother (Matthew 27:56); witness to the Resurrection (John 20:11–18)

patron of apothecaries; contemplative life; converts; glove makers; hairdressers; penitent sinners; people ridiculed for their piety; perfumeries; pharmacists; reformed prostitutes; sexual temptation; tanners; women

I have seen the Lord.
— Mary Magdalene to the apostles

Church tradition teaches that the seven demons Jesus cast out of Mary Magdalene represent the seven capital sins:  pride, envy, anger, sloth, avarice, gluttony, and lust. These vices are considered deadly because they prevent God’s grace from acting within us. They way to  remedy these vices is through the practice of the seven lively virtues:  humility, admiration, forgiveness, zeal, generosity, asceticism, and chastity.


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