Saint James the Greater

Saint of the Day:  James the Greater

1st century, d. 44

fisherman; son of Zebedee: witnessed the Transfiguration (Luke 9:28–36); brother of John, the beloved disciple; his mother asked Jesus if her sons could sit at his right and his left in his kingdom (Matthew 20:20–28); the first apostle to be martyred

patron of Spain, Chile, and Nicaragua; laborers; veterinarians; rheumatism

Consequently, we, can learn much from St. James:  promptness in accepting the Lord’s call even when he asks us to leave the “boat” of our human securities, enthusiasm in following him on the paths that he indicates to us over and above any deceptive presumption of our own, readiness to witness to him with courage, if necessary to the point of making the supreme sacrifice of life.
— Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, on what Saint James teaches us

Some believe that the body of Saint James was brought to Spain, causing many pilgrims and spiritual seekers to walk El Camino (“The Way”).

Quotes from Father Dave’s Hiking the Camino

God sent us his son to show us how to suffer and to meet us in the middle of our pain. I do not suffer alone. My pain is not useless. It can show me Jesus’ face and reveal his love in a way that cannot be found any other way. — p100

One of the golden rules of a pilgrim is to accept what God sends you. —  p105

I was invited to a greater trust in God and the realization that my next step would be met by a God who was for me and was ever calling me closer to his heart. — p113

God was and is always waiting. There is never a time when he is not longing for us to come to him. The invitation is ever-present. — p131


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