Women’s Prayer

Prayer of the Day:  Women’s Prayer

Father in Heaven, we thank You and praise You for Your great Glory. Your Glory has been revealed in all You have created. We beseech You now, You Who are author of all life, to let Your Glory reign among us. We thank You in Your goodness and mercy for creating us as women. We humbly beg Your forgiveness for our part in allowing our womanhood, which You created, to be reduced to mere folly. We reclaim our status as the dignified creature You presented to Adam. We, to whom life has been entrusted, seek Your Divine assistance in saving the peace of the world.

We ask that the vocation of woman be achieved in its fullness, not through what others say is legal to do, but through what You have called us to do. We ask that the true dignity of women be restored in this world, as You created us. We ask for the conversion of those hearts that seek to destroy the dignity of women and that all women open their hearts to accept the gracious gift presented from Your hands of the vocation of woman. May we look to the example of the Blessed Mother as the fullness of this vocation, in her purity, in her sanctity, in her humility, and in her generous acceptance of the role of Mother of all Mankind. Fill our hearts with her likeness that we may have a share in Your Kingdom in Heaven and on earth. It is in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Source:  Saint John the Evangelist Church


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