Question of the Day 08-04-15

Question of the Day:  What if I’m wrong?

Do any of the following women have the humility required to reflect “what if I’m wrong?”

When I watch and listen to these women speak, they look and sound to me like the very men whom they do not want telling them what to do.

These women are products of their time. As a GenXer, I grew up on the ‘pro-choice” contraception / abortion story line and how it was not just good but essential for women, for their happiness, for their freedom and success. What if this story line was and is wrong about what brings about happiness, freedom, and success? What if the sales pitch has done more harm than good?

What if artificial contraception is actually bad for women? What if intentionally disabling your reproductive system is a trap that does not lead to true freedom? What does hormonal contraception do to a woman’s health? What if the “war on women” is not coming from the Catholic Church or the Republican party, but rather from the faulty story I keep telling myself? What if the “story” I tell women about themselves is wrong? What if my story comes from fear and control, or selfishness, rather than authentic love and respect?

Who knows better what is best for women than the one who created them male and female? There is a plan and purpose for our sexuality. Women are not called poison or mutilate themselves with artificial contraception and render themselves “faux males.” There is another story about women (and men), a story that’s true for all times, whether it is the 1890s or 1950s or 2015.

What is the story you tell yourself about what it means to be a woman (or a man)? Where did it come from? Where do you stand and why?

Prayer of the Day:  May men and women everywhere be set free. May men and women appreciate and respect a woman’s ability to bring new life into the world. May girls and women experience authentic love. May the wounds between men and women be healed. May all women be open to and have the support needed to choose life.


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