Faith and Business

Question of the Day (for business leaders):  Why does your organization exist?

Six Practical Principles for Business (Vocation of the Business Leader, p 17)

Meeting the Needs of the World through the Creation and Development of Goods and Services

1 – Businesses contribute to the common good by producing goods that are truly good and services that truly serve.

2 – Businesses maintain solidarity with the poor by being alert for opportunities to serve deprived and underserved populations and people in need.

Organizing Good and Productive Works

3 – Businesses make a contribution to the community by fostering the special dignity of human work.

4 – Businesses that embrace subsidiarity provide opportunities for employees to exercise their gifts as they contribute to the mission of the organization.

Creating Sustainable Wealth and Distributing it Justly

5 – Businesses model stewardship of the resources—whether capital, human, or environmental—under their control.

6 – Businesses are just in the allocation of benefits to all stakeholders: employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and the community.

Mr Business went to Mass; he never missed a Sunday.
Mr Business went to hell for what he did on Monday.
Ed Willock (1916–1960), editor of Integrity

Excerpts from the Discernment Checklist
(Vocation of the Business Leader appendix,  pp 26–27)

  • Do I see work as a gift from God?
  • Is my work as a “co-creator” truly a participation in God’s original and continuing creative act?
  • Do I promote a culture of life through my work?
  • Am I living an integrated life or is it divided, separating Gospel principles from my work?
  • Am I reading the Scriptures and praying with the will to avoid the risk of a divided life?
  • Am I promoting human dignity and the common good in my sphere of influence?
  • Do I place the dignity of all workers above profit margins?
  • Does my company make every effort to reduce or eliminate waste in its operations, and in general to honor its responsibility for the natural environment?



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