The Evening Rabbit Report 08-31-15

Bird Business:  the second 24 hours

While on his walk around the pond this morning, my kind neighbor gathered some weeds that were seeding and added them to the dove fledging’s shoebox nest.

dove nest enhancements

The baby prefers hanging out on the ledge, and likes to look up to the third floor, where his sibling is tucked away safe, where the parents come and go, where life is good.

doves nest

Meanwhile, I learned that it is okay to feed chia seeds to a dove fledgling. I soaked some in water and planned to use a straw to feed the bird, but when I opened my door, Papa Dove was at the top of the stairs standing guard. I wonder what he thought about the whole scenario:  the ashtray water dish, the paper plate full of seeds, the shoebox nest business.

He was thinking:  lady, you had know idea that I see you from the nest every time you walk out your door, and if you don’t leave my fledgling alone, whom we are encouraging to be independent, mama and I are going to poop on your car, we know which one it is. It is #4.

papa dove stands guard

More Things I’ve Learned

  • Papa Dove takes the day shift, Mama Dove takes the night shift
  • You can feed a baby bird that does not eat on its own through a straw, but cut the opening at a slant
  • Doves learn to fly straight up before they fly forward
  • If there is no obvious distress, leave the darn things alone (it’s so hard, though)

UPDATE:  Little Dove managed to fly up three steps, and now he is trying to figure out how to get back down to the landing.



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