A Physician of Souls

Saint of the Day:  Pope Gregory the Great

Roman, b. circa 540, d. 609

Dove & Pope Saint GregorySon of a wealthy Roman senator, he too became a senator as well as prefect (mayor) of Rome; a gifted administrator with moral integrity; after 5 years in office and the death of his father, he resigned and became a monk, making his house into a monastery; founded six additional monasteries; ordained one of the seven deacons of Rome; served as pope for 14 years; he was the first to refer extensively to the papacy as “servus servorum Dei,” which means “servant of the servants of God;” one of very few to receive the title “the Great;” Doctor of the Church

patron of England, educators, students, musicians, stone cutters

symbols:  depicted in art in full pontifical robes with a tiara and the double cross; his special emblem is the dove

When we attend to the needs of those in want, we give them what is theirs, not ours. More than performing works of mercy, we are paying a debt of justice. — Pope Saint Gregory the Great

(some) Writings of Pope Saint Gregory the Great

If we knew at what time we were to depart from this world, we would be able to select a season for pleasure and another for repentance. But God, who has promised pardon to every repentant sinner, has not promised us tomorrow. Therefore we must always dread the final day, which we can never foresee. This very day is a day of truce, a day for conversion. And yet we refuse to cry over the evil we have done! Not only do we not weep for the sins we have committed, we even add to them. — Pope Saint Gregory the Great


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