The Slave of the Slaves Forever

Saint of the Day:  Peter Claver

Spanish, b. 1580 d. 1654

Born into a prosperous family in Spain when the slave culture was firmly established; entered the Society of Jesus in 1601; sent to New Spain (Cartagena, now Columbia) in 1610; sought out and boarded the slave ships as soon as they reached harbor; catered especially to the sick and dying; though he did not speak their language, instructed the slaves, specifically through his acts of charity; about 10,000 slaves arrived in Cartagena each year, one-third of whom died on the way; baptized 300,000 during his 40 years in Columbia; followed the slaves to the plantations, urging them to live as Christians; in the last years of his life, Peter was too ill to leave his room; the servant who “cared” for him would leave him without food for days and would not bathe him

patron of slaves, Columbia, race relations, and African Americans

I must dedicate myself to the service of God until death, on the understanding that I am like a slave, wholly occupied in the service of his master and in the endeavor to please and content Him in all and in every way with his whole soul, body, and mind. — Saint Peter Claver

We must speak to them with our hands before we speak to them with our lips. — Saint Peter Claver

The Claver Prayer

God our Heavenly Father, You have given us life
through the Death and Resurrection of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus our saving Lord, You came into a world
darkened by man’s sin and gave it light through your teachings,

Holy Spirit, the Breath of God Within us,
You guide and enlighten us and give us the strength of our convictions;

Saint Peter Claver, who became an example for us, You showed us the Love of God
The Light of Christ, and the strength of the Holy Spirit;

We pray now that all we say and do,
in your honor, be a continuation of your work here on earth.

St. Peter Claver….pray for us,
St. Peter Claver….pray for us,
St. Peter Claver….pray for us.

Seek God in all things and you will find God by your side. — Saint Peter Claver


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