Does Planned Parenthood Need Taxpayer Funds? – Part 4

The fact is Roe v Wade took away the unborn child’s inalienable right to life endowed by our Creator. This same Creator gave us free will, so we all already have and abundance of “choice.” We are free to seek and find God, as God has promised that those who seek will find (Matthew 7:7–8). Through our inherent freedom, we can worship idols instead of our loving God. For Christians, abortion is government-sanctioned murder. Abortion is a violation of the fifth commandment, so America has enacted laws that promote grievous sin. I hear so many people say I’m not for abortion, but I could never tell someone else what to do.

  • Do we love people enough to point them to the path of eternal life?

If you raised children, did you love your own children enough to establish boundaries for them until they matured? Did you keep your children away from the stairs before they learned to walk? Did you keep knives out of reach? Did you establish safe areas of play? So God has done for us with his commandments.

  • Will Americans find the courage to move beyond the PR story and look at the abortion industry they created?

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of things that cause sin! Such things must come, but woe to the one through whom they come!” — Jesus, Matthew 18:6–7

A Continuation of the Questions of the (yester) Day
with a few excerpts from Cecile Richards’ responses

Does Planned Parenthood receive any federal funding for its tissue donation program? – Rep. William Clay, D-MO

  • No, not that I’m aware of.

Do Planned Parenthood physicians alter the timing, method, or procedure of abortion solely for the purpose of obtaining fetal tissue for research in violation of federal law? – Rep. William Clay, D-MO

  • Federal law does not apply. Our own standards and guidelines go above what is required. I have spoken to our chief medical officer. She knows of know instance…

How much total revenue collected or reimbursed for PP and its affiliates comes from abortion services? — Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK

  • CR:  I believe we’ve provided all of our financial information. I don’t have that number.
  • SR, R-OK:  Do you have a ball park?
  • CR:  No, I don’t. But again. We’ve provided. There’s some back and forth information. I verified it on the break. …

If we were to extrapolate from the PP Web site of the average cost of an abortion or an abortion pill, it would be at $1,500 for the service of abortion or $800 for the pill. If you multiply that by 327,000, that would come somewhere between 40 percent or 22 percent of a figure. Regardless, it’s 491 million down to 261 million just from the ball park figures we see on PP’s Web site. — Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK

  • I’m sorry to interrupt. That’s not accurate. But in any case.

Would you be willing to provide us what the accurate figure is and when could you provide that? — Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK

  • What is inaccurate was what you reported in terms of the cost of an abortion. Obviously it varies state to state, but I think your number is high.

We would await the accurate figure, and when would you provide those to us? — Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK

  • I’ve said to the chair, and we have been abundantly cooperative to this committee. We’ve provided thousands and thousands of pages of documents, and I’m happy to work with the committee and the staff and with my team to provide other information that you need.

Absent federal funding, what effect specifically would it have on the organization’s ability to provide abortion services? — Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK

  • CR:  Could you restate your question? … I hope I’m answering your question correctly. No money, no federal dollars or other hospitals or other health care providers go
  • SR, R-OK:  So it would have no impact, is that your answer?
  • CR:  No impact on what?
  • SR, R-OK:  On abortion services.
  • CR:  If we were not reimbursed for family planning, for preventive care.
  • SR, R-OK:  No, I’m asking what specific impact it would have on abortion services.
  • CR:  I can’t think of a specific impact.

Can federal funds be used for abortion equipment? — Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK

  • CR:  Federal funds can only be used for abortion services in very specific instances.
  • SR, R-OK:  On the equipment, on the salaries, cleaning services, rent and maintenance of facilities, what about that? — Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK
  • CR:  This is actually done through the states. We could look at specifics on that. It’s the federal government making those decisions.

For the record Mr. Chairman, we have heard testimony today that 2.7 million received services in the last reported year. That number is actually over 3 million when you add the 327,000 aborted children to that figure. For the record, 2.7 million received services and 327,000 received a legal termination with no right to choose life. Three of my five children are adopted. It is my firm belief and the financial evidence substantiates that Planned Parenthood does not need taxpayer funding to survive.

We can carve up a child and call it a choice. We can destroy human life and call it health care. We can make the killing of children legal and pretend it is beneficial. We can cover acts of barbarity with the veneer of civility. But we cannot escape our accountability before the Creator of life. — Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK

The Obama administration reports that there are over 13,000 publicly-supported alternative health care centers in the United States. Have you seen that? — Rep. Buddy Carter, R-GA

  • I haven’t seen that.

Does Planned Parenthood have to have a $100 million endowment, $70 million dollar Manhattan condos — they (the 13,000 FQHCs) don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Grammy-winning performers at their galas — to provide health care to women? It’s yes or no, that’s all it is.— Rep. Buddy Carter, R-GA

  • With all respect, that wasn’t really a question.

Is there anywhere in the country that you know of in which Planned Parenthood offers services in which there are no other providers that take Medicaid dollars — Rep. Glenn Frothman, R-WI

  • It’s beyond what I know. I can’t really respond to that.

Where does Planned Parenthood Action get its funding? — Rep. Gary Palmer, R-AL

  • Private donations. We have 8 million supporters in this country, and a number of donors from all over.

Is there any money from Planned Parenthood that goes to Planned Parenthood Action? — Rep. Gary Palmer, R-AL

  • The PPAF does advocacy and electoral work.

You also have a PAC, is that correct? What did it spend in 2014? — Rep. Gary Palmer, R-AL

  • I can get that for you.

Where does the PAC get its money? Are you compensated by the PAC? — Rep. Gary Palmer, R-AL

  • I don’t believe I have ever been compensated. …we follow all the laws.

Do you have any managerial responsibility? — Rep. Gary Palmer, R-AL

  • Sure.

How many of these America Votes grassroots organizations collaborate with or have been incorporated with Planned Parenthood’s political operation? — Rep. Gary Palmer, R-AL

  • I don’t know.

Do you direct political contributions to candidates? — Rep. Gary Palmer, R-AL

  • The PAC committee votes on it.

Do you understand how some of us at a base level disagree with you on the origin of life? — Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC

  • I fully respect … and understand people have different feelings about whether abortion should be legal in the country.

Do you understand how some of us may support a ban on partial-birth abortion? — Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC

  • I’m not trying to be argumentative, but that was a political formulation, not a medical formulation. …It was passed. It is the law of the land. … I also understand that people sometimes change over time, and that’s the human condition.

Are you suggesting those who hold a contrary view to you need to change? Is that why you added that line, Ms. Richards? — Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC

  • No. Just candidly in my 10 years at Planned Parenthood, I’ve seen, I’ve experienced myself, people who have picketed outside of our health center and then found themselves in need of our services.

How about opposing abortions on the basis of gender or race? — Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC

  • I appreciate people have a lot of different views on abortion. Fundamentally at Planned Parenthood, we trust women to make decisions about their pregnancies.

Name me some Republicans in Congress you support. — Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC

  • …I’m happy to provide that to you later. We would like to support more Republicans for Congress.

Do you have any accounting in your background? — Rep. Rod Blum, R-IA

  • I have taken accounting courses as part of my… fortunately my board is very kind in offering me those courses.

Do you profit or make money on abortion services? — Rep. Rod Blum, R-IA

  • I run the national office. We do not provide abortion services. …

Do your affiliates profit or make money on abortion services? — Rep. Rod Blum, R-IA

  • No clear answer.

What if someone can’t pay for the abortion? — Rep. Rod Blum, R-IA

  • We try to raise money to help supplement the cost of abortion.

Does Planned Parenthood make a profit on reimbursement for Medicaid services? — Rep. Rod Blum, R-IA

  • We don’t make a profit on anything.

Are you saying today with 100 percent surety that not one dime of taxpayer money is used to provide abortions? Yes or no? — Rep. Rod Blum, R-IA

  • The federal law allows for…

What about the profits made from those federal dollars? — Rep. Rod Blum, R-IA

  • I don’t believe there are any profits from Medicaid services in this country.

So you define abortion as health care? — Rep. Diane Black, R-TN

  • Yes. It absolutely is part of women’s health care, and I think women would agree.

 I’m a nurse, and if you look at medicine, abortion is not considered health care. — Rep. Diane Black, R-TN

Since the videos have surfaced, has anyone from CMS or HHS contacted you, your board members, or any of your staff? — Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH

  • I don’t know.

Has the attorney general of the United States, Loretta Lynch, contacted you, your board members, or any of your staff? — Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH

  • I don’t know.

Has the Justice Department contacted you, your board members, or any of your staff? — Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH

  • I don’t know.

Since the videos have surfaced have you had any conversations with the president of the United States?

  • No I have not.

Since the videos have surfaced had you been to the White House?

  • No I have not.

How many times have you been to the White House since Mr. Obama’s been president?

  • I would have to get back to you on that.
  • Our count shows that you, your board members, and senior staff have been to the White House 151 times in six and a half years.

Are any federal funds being used in relation to what we have described here today as the tissue transfer program? — Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-SC

  • I do not believe so.

Since that is other than an unmitigated no, I am going to ask some follow-up questions. Have you done any investigation to find out if federal funds have been used in that program? — Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-SC

  • I don’t believe they have been, so there hasn’t been any need for investigation into that.
  • He asks again.

Is it possible that federal money is being used for that program? — Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-SC

  • I don’t believe so.
  • But that is not based on an investigation, is it?

Cecile Richards’ congressional testimony generates more questions while providing few answers…where will it go from here?


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