IDEA: A Debate Fundraiser to Trump Trump

How incredible it would be to have two women running against each other for the office of president of the United States. What are the odds that would happen in 2016? Are these odds even calculable? Even if neither Carly nor Hillary resides on her respective party’s ticket, We the People want to see them debate. Hence…

Idea of the Day

Whoever sets up the mega-million dollar pay-per-view boxing matches should set up a Carly v. Hillary debate fundraiser. If the fee is a mere $5 to watch and 25 million people watch… well, that is a lot of cash that Carly can raise for the 4,000 crisis pregnancy centers in the United States. (Unlike the CEO of Planned Parenthood, who earns more than half a million dollars per year, plus bonuses, enriching herself off the deaths of the pre-born, a director of a crisis pregnancy center earns about $55,000 per year. Yes, I’ve already determined where Carly’s winnings should go:  to support the weakest and most vulnerable human beings in our country.)

If Donald Trump can run as a Republican, bringing reality TV to our political process and actually end up serving a purpose by engaging the TV-watching masses in the major issues of our day, then let’s take Reality Politics to the next level:  a debate fundraiser starring the two female presidential candidates.

Who would facilitate the debate?

Resumes being accepted. Since I thought Anderson Cooper was the star of the first Democratic debate, I’m nominating him for facilitator of the debate fundraiser.

Who would ask the questions?

Questions would come from two groups:

  • All other candidates who entered the presidential race would ask one question each.
  • Either a person from or a group representing each state would also ask a question. (We might have to go with regions, because of time limitations.)
    My thinking behind that is to draw attention to the role of federal vs. state governance and also to engage regional communities and put faces to issues. For example, a group of high school government students might videotape their question or a few people seeking citizenship might ask about immigration.)

Questions would be organized into timed rounds, just like boxing, such as the domestic economy round, the foreign policy round, the social issues round, and so on.

How to determine the winner?

If you paid your $5 to watch, then you get to vote.

Unresolved:  Would viewers be able to cast votes after a “round” and then the rounds would be tallied or would there be one single vote at the end (that is probably the most practical)?

Since Trump loves to brag about his wealth and claims no one can buy him and since he has so much experience with Miss America pageant “voting,” he can donate his resources and established systems to calculate the winner. This is a fundraiser after all. [A friend with a TV has informed me that Dancing With the Stars has a good phone-in voting system that would work, so Trump may be off the hook here.]

What if Hillary wins?

The money raised will go to pay down the national debt.


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