International Congress on Religious Freedom
Voices and Living Testimony
New York, April 28–30, 2016

They are not numbers. They are just like us, but they are living in an unfortunate part of the world. — Jacqueline Isaac

One day Islamic State will disappear. But still the problem is there. We will have another generation of this group. The Islamic State is third generation. … What I’m afraid about the fourth generation. …That is not going to be in the Middle East. It is going to be in the Western countries. Be careful. Open your eyes. Wake up. — Father Douglas

On Thursday we listened to the voices of living testimonies of genocide. Voices that despite the barriers of language and the distances of continents resounded a unified message. Voices from Syria, Iraq, Africa, Europe, and the United States. Speaking to the international community the truth of the crimes taking place in our world. Crimes that should rattle the conscience of all of humanity. Today we have another opportunity to listen again, to learn, and to respond. — Kirsten Evans, In Defense of Christians

If children, women, and girls have to suffer this, then we have to sit here and hear their witness and testimony. — Sheila Liaugminas, Relevant Radio

If any country keeps silent to what happens in Iraq and Syria, it’s involved in what’s happened. Silence itself is guilty. — Father Douglas

Question of the Day: Who profits from war in the Middle East?

No peace in Middle East without Christianity. …No Christian, no new Iraq. …This is the last opportunity for my people in Iraq. …Let’s stand with them. Give them opportunity to stay. — Father Douglas


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