Come to Me, Holy Spirit

Prayer of the Day: Saint Augustine’s Petition to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, powerful Consoler,
sacred Bond of the Father and the Son,
sweet Hope of the afflicted,

Descend this day into my heart
and establish therein thine amiable empire.

Enkindle in my soul — alas!
so tepid! — the salutary flames
of thy love, that I may be inflamed
and that my soul and body
may be subject to thee.

I believe that when thou
dwellest in us, thou dost
prepare a dwelling
for the Father and the Son.

Deign then to come to me.
Come, O sweet Consoler of abandoned souls!
Come, O Protector of those who are in need!

Succor of the afflicted,
come and purify me;
suffer no evil desire to take possession of me;
heal all my wounds.

Come to me, Strength of the weak,
Support of the wavering;

Come to me, O thou who lovest the humble
and resistest the proud;

Come to me, Hope of the needy,
Father of orphans;

Come to me, Star that guidest the mariner in his way,
and offerest a secure harbor to the shipwrecked;

Come to me, True glory of the living,
sole hope of the dying;

Make me all that thou wishest me to be,
and conduct me by thy grace,
so that I may be ever pleasing to thee.



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