Does God exist?

Debate of the Day

Catholic Answers, Parousia Media, Sydney University Catholic Society, and xt3 present
Trent Horn – God Exists vs. Raphael Lataster – God Does Not Exist

in which Raphael Lataster has less of a problem with God’s existence than he does with the methods used to prove God’s existence and in which he says/claims

  • he is an atheist — a non-theist [19:11 mark], then an agnostic [19:21]
  • if you don’t accept the premises, the argument doesn’t work [24:]
  • he is a “nonresistant nonbeliever,” and would choose to follow God if he (God) would show himself to him (Rafael) [44:+ min mark]
  • he needs God to convince him of his existence [44:+ min mark]
  • he is disturbed that God has not revealed himself to him
  • he does not have to prove God does not exist [51:+ mark]; rejects that it is his responsibility to prove God does not exist (in his mind his job is to prove “not theism,” which is why he focuses on the many alternatives rather than making a case that God does not exist)
  • he wants God to come down from heaven, in the form of a man, and say to him “Here I am,” and that would be sufficient, as would if he could see an amputated arm regrown in the name of Jesus
  • “If I saw a prophetic figure like Jesus come back to life, that would probably convince me.” [56:+ mark]

and in which Trent says that

  • God may have good reasons to allow nonbelief, free will being one of them [47:+ mark and 1:33:+ mark]
  • If people don’t believe in God through no fault of their own, they are not automatically damned, God can still save those who don’t believe out of invincible ignorance (my emphasis) [47:+ mark]

Quotes of the Day

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one with no faith, no explanation is possible. — Saint Thomas Aquinas

If they will not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead. — Father Abraham to the rich man in hell (Luke 16:31)

Question of the Day

Was this debate a waste of Trent Horn’s time? (He did get a trip to Australia out of it.)


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