to praise God is my work

Quote of the Day

If we had sense we ought to do nothing else, in public and in private, than praise and bless God and pay Him due thanks. Ought we not, as we dig and plough and eat, to sing the hymn to God? ‘Great is God that He gave us these instruments wherewith we shall till the earth. Great is God that He has given us hands, and power to swallow, and a belly, and the power to grow without knowing it, and to draw our breath in sleep.’ At every moment we ought to sing these praises and above all the greatest and divinest praise, that God gave us the faculty to comprehend these gifts and to use the way of reason.

More than that: since most of you are walking in blindness, should there not be some one to discharge this duty and sing praises to God for all? What else can a lame old man as I am do but chant the praise of God? If, indeed, I were a nightingale I should sing as a nightingale, if a swan, as a swan: but as I am a rational creature I must praise God. This is my task, and I do it: and I will not abandon this duty, so long as it is given me; and I invite you all to join in this same song.

— Epictetus (55–135, stoic philosopher), as recorded by his student Arrian in The Discourses, chapter 16, Of Providence

Verse of the Day: Psalm 30:12–13

You have turned my mourning into dancing;
You have taken away my sackcloth
and clothed me with joy.

My heart therefore will sing
in unceasing praise to you;
O Lord, my God,
I will praise you forever.


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