Every day Jesus

As I was cleaning up my living quarters, I paused a moment (or fifteen) to browse through an open notebook that had been sitting around for a while — to see what I might find, to see if there was anything relevant for today, for now, or something I could recycle.

I found and am recycling the following list:

  • Seek God in every “now.”
  • Bear a cross without grumbling.
  • Praise someone, support a food bank, donate clothing.
  • Broaden your circle.
  • Live simply and humbly.
  • Do something kind for a “least” one.
  • Ask God for something today, something deep.
  • Give someone another chance.
  • Beg God for courage to face fear.
  • Forgive someone who wronged you; Jesus shows you how.
  • Where are you on the ladder of love? Is it time to move up another rung?
  • What is God calling you to do?
  • Confess your collaboration in national sins.
  • Walk humbly with God.
  • Give someone a break today through a small act of kindness.
  • Thank God for the waters that nourish your faith: Eucharist, scripture, prayer, service, friends, nature, pets. Revel in one of them today. (Note: They forgot to mention the sacrament of reconciliation, so I’m adding it. If you have burdens you need lifted, give Jesus your sins. He can handle them!)
  • Be patient with all that is messy in life.
  • Overlook something today out of love and mercy.
  • Use fewer words. Shine the spotlight on another.
  • Change your plans when love intrudes.
  • Share your truth and love with another.
  • Who in your neighborhood, workplace, parish, or family are you missing out on?
  • Apologize to God or someone. Mend bridges.
  • Pass on your faith today; live joyfully.
  • Touch is a holy thing. Live your life more seamlessly.
  • Ask God for a genuine respect for Every One.
  • Ask Jesus to give you clearer sight.
  • Share readily; love alone endures.
  • Do something today that makes you happier, healthier, holier.
  • Use your hands to love someone.
  • Become more selfless.
  • Live your convictions, no matter what.
  • Overcome prejudice.
  • Pray the name of Jesus throughout the day.
  • Don’t throw any stones today (hateful words, gossip, hurtful criticism).
  • Gaze upon a crucifix today.
  • Jesus invites us to greater freedom. Accept his invitation. Love.
  • Practice good communication skills, really listen.
  • Cooperate with God’s grace today through some word or deed.
  • Work for a more just world — the kind Jesus lived and died for.
  • Perform a loving deed. Be extravagant!
  • “I love you and am so proud of you!”
  • Thank God for your loyal friends.
  • Allow knowledge of self — your capacity for evil — to keep you close to Jesus.
  • Love can get messy. Put on a spiritual or real apron, and serve someone today.
  • Jesus died for love of you and me. Embrace this way of loving, knowing it often involves a cross.
  • Celebrate!

The list sounded so Pope Francis, so Year of Mercy. Usually I note my source, but in this case I had not. Time to google. These nuggets came from a 2014 Catholic Update newsletter published for Lent and were accompanied by scripture references for meditation (which I did not write down).

Still relevant.


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