Jesus, love all people of today

Today the Church celebrates the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary—in other words, it’s her birthday. Jesus did not keep his mother to himself, but shares her with all his brothers and sisters. As our spiritual mother, she desires nothing more than to form us into other Christs, as she formed her Son in his humanity. And so this day I want to share with you a list of praises to sing and a prayer for imitating Mary, the Christ-Bearer.

Biblical Litany of Our Lady

Greeted by the Angel Gabriel
Full of grace
Mother of Jesus
Mother of the Son of the Most High
Mother of the Son of David
Mother of the King of Israel
Mother by act of the Holy Spirit
Handmaid of the Lord
Virgin, Mother of Emmanuel
You in whom the Word became flesh
You in whom the Word dwelt amongst us
Blessed among all women
Mother of the Lord
Happy are you who have believed in the words uttered by the Lord
Lowly handmaid of the Lord
Called blessed by all generations
You in whom the Almighty worked wonders
Heiress of the promises made to Abraham
Mother of the new Isaac
You who gave birth to your firstborn in Bethlehem
You who wrapped your Child in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manager
Woman from whom Jesus was born
Mother of the Savior
Mother of the Messiah
You who were found by the shepherds with Joseph and the newborn Child
You who offered Jesus in the temple
You who put Jesus in the arms of Simeon
You who marveled at what was said of Jesus
You whose soul a sword should pierce
Mother who were found together with the Child by the Wise Men
Mother whom Joseph took into refuge in Egypt
You who took the Child Jesus to Jerusalem for the Passover
You who searched for Jesus for three days
You who found Jesus again in His Father’s house
Mother whom Jesus obeyed at Nazareth
Model of widows
Jesus’ companion at the marriage feast of Cana
You who told the servants “Do as He shall tell you”
You who gave rise to Jesus’ first miracle
Mother of Jesus for having done with Will of the Father in heaven
Mary who chose the better part
Blessed for having heard the word of God and kept it
Mother standing at the foot of the Cross
Mother of the disciple whom Jesus loved
Queen of the Apostles, persevering in prayer with them
Woman clothed with the sun
Woman crowned with twelve stars
Sorrowful Mother of the Church
Glorious Mother of the Messiah
Image of the new Jerusalem
River of living water, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb

— Composed by A.M. Roguet, published in La Vie Spirituelle and reprinted in the New Saint Joseph Prayer Book #925

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Andrea di Bartolo, circa 1400, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Prayer to Mary the Christ-Bearer

O Mary,
you are a mystery
of faithfulness,
of light,
of perfection.
I love to think of you
as bearer of Christ
for all others.
Every child is for God
and for others.

I feel compelled
as I carry Christ
to others
to remain in the background like you
so that only He may be seen.
I am not running away,
or being detached,
but I am lending Him
my voice,
my face,
my living,
my environment
so that He
may speak
and save
and love
all people of today.

— Anna Teresa Ciccolini, New Saint Joseph’s Prayer Book # 930

Now have a piece of cake and some ice cream.


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