Mother Teresa’s 1959 retreat – 6

Sixth Day
Under the patronage of Saint Francis Xavier

Aim: To follow the beautiful example of Christ’s humility and obedience

Examination: My Love of Humility

  1. Have I habitually got a lowly opinion of myself? Or do I judge others harshly in thoughts and express these in words?
  2. Without any morbidity, can I truly say that I enjoy humiliations, since these make me similar to Christ?
  3. Do I show my humility by my perfect sincerity to my Superior and to my Confessor? Do I hide things from them?
  4. Do I avoid trying to “shine” in front of outsiders?
  5. Do I try to appear better than I truly am?
  6. Do I have obedience of the will and judgment?
  7. Do I desire for humble offices, for being ignored and humiliated?
  8. What are my reactions when I am just forgotten by my Sisters and outsiders?

Readings: Book of Psalms 107, 128

From your Constitution: Chapter XIII, Nos. 97–132

The Imitation of Christ: Book 3, Chapter 54

Reflection of the Day: “Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart.” (Matthew 11:29)

Fr. Joseph Rickaby writes:

How does the work of God suffer at my hands? This is the question of questions to put oneself during a Retreat. In my Retreat I want to get at facts, to think straight, to find out betimes now the truth that will come in upon me at death, to ascertain as nearly as may be how I stand with my God, to have my relations with my Creator dissected out.

Resolutions: At this stage of the retreat, I should be getting my resolutions ready. These resolutions must be: 1) according to the present needs of my soul. 2) Something which may seem trivial to others, but which is of vital importance to me just now. 3) Something practical which I can put into practice immediately.


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