Mother Teresa’s 1959 retreat – 8

Eighth Day
Under the patronage of the Holy Apostles

Aim: To make my plan of Life for the years following my Final Profession. My plan must be made with great clarity, courage, and supernatural outlook

Examination: Fraternal Charity

  1. Do I observe my Rules No. 86 and 87? Do I love each of my Sisters with an intense love, without being concerned at all about nationality or social standing?
  2. Rule 104: Do I try to make the children I teach happy? Do I respect the good name of my pupils and not talk carelessly of their faults?
  3. Rule 106: In what spirit do I visit and look after the sick? Am I an angel of comfort and consolation?
  4. Rule 112: My care for the Dying.
  5. Rule 120: My love for the poor. Does Christ radiate and live his life in me in the slums? (Rule 86)
  6. Rule 125: Supernatural outlook in my work—seeing Jesus in all strangers.
  7. Do I seek to encourage my Sisters, making them happy? Do I consider myself as their servant in Christ?
  8. Do I accept the unavoidable little difficulties of community life patiently? Forgivingly? With a sense of proportion and a sense of humor?
  9. Am I charitable to my Superiors? Seeking by my behavior to lighten their burdens; defending rather than criticizing their decisions?

Readings: Saint Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 10, verses 25 to 37

The Imitation of Christ: Book I, Chapters 14 & 16

Reflection of the Day: “Whatsoever you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done it to ME.” (Matthew 25:40)


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