Mother Teresa’s 1959 Retreat – 10

Tenth Day
With Jesus in His Agony

Aim: To spend a day in reparation for the sufferings I have made Jesus bear for me

Examination: My Spirit of Mortification

Exterior Penance

  1. Do I perform all these penances in the spirit of faith?
  2. How do I take the discomforts due to the climate, ill health, common life, poverty, etc.?

Interior Penance

  1. Am I resigned interiorly to the trials which God sends me?
  2. Do I try to hide the little sufferings of my daily life?
  3. Do I accept Desolation as readily as Consolation? Do I accept Dryness in Prayer as a grace of God?
  4. Do I put up with the defects of others?

Readings: Saint John’s Gospel, Chapters 14 & 17

The Imitation of Christ: Book 2, Chapters 11 & 12

Reflection of the Day: “Father, he said, if it pleases thee, take away this chalice before me; only as Thy will is, not as mine is.” (Luke 22:42)

“I can [relieve] the sufferings of Jesus. I can take a part from His suffering.” Thank you for telling me.—This was a tremendous grace to me.
— Saint Mother Teresa’s retreat notes


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