Pray before you vote

Question of the Morning

As we as we navigate through the labyrinth of the Craziest Election Season Ever,
what ought we do?

>> We ought to do what we always do: remember God and be faithful to daily prayer.

Morning Prayer

Psalm of the Morning: 12

Help, LORD, for no one loyal remains;
the faithful have vanished from the children of men.
They tell lies to one another,
speak with deceiving lips and a double heart.

May the LORD cut off all deceiving lips,
and every boastful tongue,
Those who say, “By our tongues we prevail;
when our lips speak, who can lord it over us?”

“Because they rob the weak, and the needy groan,
I will now arise,” says the LORD;
“I will grant safety to whoever longs for it.”
The promises of the LORD are sure,
silver refined in a crucible,
silver purified seven times.
You, O LORD, protect us always;
preserve us from this generation.
On every side the wicked roam;
the shameless are extolled by the children of men.

Scripture of the Morning: Isaiah 46:9b–10; 11b–13

I am God, there is no other;
I am God, there is none like me.

At the beginning I declare the outcome;
from of old, things not yet done.

I say that my plan shall stand,
I accomplish my every desire.

Yes, I have spoken, I will accomplish it;
I have planned it, and I will do it.

Listen to me, you fainthearted,
far from the victory of justice:

I am bringing on that victory, it is not far off,
my salvation shall not tarry;

I will put salvation within Zion,
give to Israel my glory.



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