Think like a saint, like a champion

Lenten Questions
from Matthew Kelly, Dynamic Catholic

  • Are you wasting life? And are you comfortable wasting your life?
  • How many Sundays do you have left?
  • Do you know anyone in your life who has said “I’m fed up. I’m dissatisfied.” and gone on a radically different path?
  • Do you think about how short life is and how long eternity is?
  • Do we think about heaven? eternity?
  • Do we think about what moments in our life make the difference between what matters most and what matters least?
  • How will we see life differently when we are on the other side?
  • How will we regret the moments we’ve wasted?

Watch Matthew Kelly’s Lenten Video Reflection for March 25

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And why do I think about these things?

My father died when he was 35 years old. He had a massive heart attack that killed him instantly. I was a few weeks away from turning nine, and my sister had just turned eleven. For years the question that plagued me was “did he do all that God had for him in this life?” I don’t remember when I stopped asking that question, but I do know it has been several years now.

What made me stop was not that I had an answer, but, I believe, that my trust in God increased through my spiritual development. My focus shifted from the weight of my (many) questions that would always remain unanswered to living in God’s presence and doing his will in the moment. Not that I always succeed in such a grand endeavor, but the attempt alone supersedes all. Knowing that I can trust God to accomplish the good work he has begun in me, I can also entrust to him my family, friends, and strangers on the street—their beginnings and endings and everything in between, as God has promised to turn everything to good for those who love him.

Some questions I would add to Michael Kelly’s are as follows:

  • What gifts has God given you?
  • How are you investing those gifts for the kingdom of God?
  • Have you sent materials to heaven for your eternal mansion?
  • Are you mostly focused on the building and maintenance of your temporal house?





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