My Lord, grant…

Prayer of the Day
courtesy of Russian monks

My Lord, grant that I may accept with a tranquil spirit all that this beginning day will bring.

My Lord, grant that I may fully surrender myself to your holy will.

My Lord, throughout every moment of this day, direct and sustain me in all things.

My Lord, whatever news I receive during this day, teach me to accept it with a quiet mind and firm conviction, knowing that your will is made manifest in all things.

My Lord, reveal your holy will for me and for those around me.

My Lord, may I never forget that it is you who send every unforeseen circumstance.

My Lord, teach me to adapt myself truly, simply and wisely to those with whom I live, to those surrounding me, to the aged, to my peers and to those younger than myself, that I may sadden no one but rather serve the happiness of all.

My Lord, grant me strength to bear the trials of this beginning day and whatever else may happen later today.

My Lord, may You Yourself guide my will and teach me to pray, to hope, to believe, to love, to endure and to forgive.

My Lord, do not let my adversaries get the best of me, but rather guide and direct me because of your holy name.

My Lord, enlighten my intellect and my heart that I may understand the enduring and unchanging laws which govern the world and that I, your sinful servant, may rightly serve you and my neighbor.

My Lord, I give you thanks for everything that will happen to me, because I firmly believe that for those who love you, all things work unto good.

My Lord, bless all my endeavors and tasks; bring my work, my words and my thoughts to fruition. Make me worthy to always praise you with joy, sing psalms to you and bless you, for you are blessed forever and ever.