For the Christian renewal of the world

Prayer of the Day
for the Centennial Celebration of Our Lady of Fatima

especially on behalf of Charlie Gard and his parents
and for all who have progressive diseases and a
diagnosis of terminal illness; may we love and care for them;
may we accompany them on their journey back to God;
may hope and trust in God prevail over discouragement and fear;
may we never condemn to death the sick and vulnerable;
may we never view the weak as burdens;
may we never declare that another person’s life is not worth living

O Sweet Mother of God, Ever Virgin Mary, Our Dear Lady of Fatima,
we lift up our prayers to you during this Centennial Celebration.
When the Angel Gabriel announced God’s plan, you listened
attentively with a receptive heart to the call of Heaven.
By your FIAT, our Savior entered into the world and the Word
became flesh and dwelt among us. Now in our generation you
have become the voice of the Holy Spirit, instructing the world
with the Truth about sin, righteousness, and judgment.
May we embrace your call to repent with a truly contrite spirit
and to enthrone God as the rightful King of our souls and our families.
O Queen of Peace, may your Immaculate Heart triumph and may
the Church be strengthened to defend the faithful against the many
errors of this age. May we heed your call to not fear, but to entrust
ourselves more completely to your Divine Son, Jesus. May our
heartfelt recitation of the Rosary and contemplation of its mysteries
help to renew our zeal for the salvation of souls and the Christian
renewal of this world. Amen.