This side of the rainbow

Question of the Day

Jesus, where’s my rainbow?

Thursday morning I forgot to turn in my parking pass after the move-out inspection at my apartment. So I had to drive back after work to do that. When I got home to the condo I rented, I realized I was right on the line of a storm. Dark and thunderous sky to my left and sunny and blue sky to my right. I looked about as I walked to the mailbox, and asked, “Jesus, where’s my rainbow?”

Not five minutes after getting inside, I looked out the window and saw a rainbow. I went to get my iPad to take a photo, and noticed it was a double rainbow! Thank you, Jesus!

Yesterday’s Photo of the Day

what you want to see after you’ve moved twice in seven months:
a double rainbow to welcome me back to my old neighborhood

double rainbow_08-03-17.JPG