The greatest gift par excellence

Feast of Saint Faustina

First Quote of the Day

I do not desire to punish aching mankind but I desire to heal it pressing it to My merciful heart… — Jesus to Saint Faustina, Diary #1516

Questions of the Day

Do we expect God to work miraculously?

Are we open to receiving the gifts God wants to give us?

Second and Third Quotes of the Day

Life in the Spirit is never dull. I love to tell people ‘God is full of surprises.’ People ask me ‘Is your life boring? Is your life monotonous?’ And I say ‘No two days are ever the same.’ I think when we really dare to give ourselves over to the Holy Spirit, that’s when things get exciting, that’s when things get really fun. It can be a little scary because you do lose control in a sense of my plans, my ideas. But when you can get beyond that, of my goodness, the hundredfold of it is just incredible. … We just need to let Him be in charge, and have fun. — Sister Maris Stella Vaughn, OP

God was waiting for me to release my control, so He can show me His love. — Bishop Sam Jacobs

Video of the Day
The Wild Goose #5: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Prayer of the Day

Come, Holy Spirit and fill us. Pour out your gifts upon the world. Heal and restore broken bodies and hearts. Illuminate darkened minds. Set free those bound by sin. Bring peace and hope to those disturbed and who feel uncertain in the world. Give us the grace to surrender to and embrace your holy will. Give us strength and courage to do what we must do and faith to step back and allow you to do all that you want to do. Enliven us that we may enjoy the fullness of life that Jesus came to give.

Challenge of the Day
Dare to give your life over to the Holy Spirit.