Jeep #4 Posts in Chronological Order

Tracking Jeep #4’s Story in Chronological Order

The primary goal of this page is to keep track of Jeep #4 Report posts in chronological order, as I have not mastered the art of writing a blog post, and I want a way to present the story from somewhere near the beginning with some added backstory. Somewhere near the beginning begins with Jeep #3, to which I had made a 10-year, 100,000 mile commitment. After I hit the 10-year mark, but before I hit the 100,000 mile mark, I started to shop for a new car. At that time I was certain the new car purchase would be simple.

Oh delusions!

A Little Backstory

I had driven three Jeeps, and my new car purchase plan was simple:  I would go get the exact same car I had but in the current model year. But when I went to drive and price the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I did not like what I found. It was the beginning of the end of my love affair with the Jeep brand. The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee was full of electronics, overpriced, and the materials were low quality. “This is what people want,” the salesman would say, confused, by my lack of interest in all the gadgets. I had a short list of must haves, but each of my must haves came in a package with two or five other things I did not want and did not budget for. The new style was too big, boat-like to my sensibilities, and I had been toying with the idea of getting something slightly smaller. It was also $15k more than what I had paid for my 2004 JGC. It took a year for me to accept that I would have to shop other makes and models, as I describe in the Day 1 and Day 3 post.

Jeep #4 Report Posts in Order
Note:  This list of posts excludes posts related to Jeep or Chrysler news or consumer protection and auto fraud research I did. The following posts do not contain the entire Jeep#4 story, just some of the highlights.

03/06/2015 — Day 1 and Day 3
03/07/2015 — Jeep #4 Day 5
03/08/2015 — Jeep #4 Day 7 The Dealerships Counteroffer
03/10/2015 — Jeep #4 Day 8
03/11/2015 — Jeep #4 Day 9
03/17/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  Jeep Resolution Team Offer Not Satisfactory
03/17/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  Complaint Filed With Better Business Bureau
03/17/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  Notified WJLA Seven on Your Side
03/23/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  Status of Complaint w/ State Atty General’s Office
04/08/2015 — Jeep #4 Engine Start/Stop System Malfunction
04/12/2015 — Jeep #4 Engine Start/Stop System Malfunction (again?)
04/16/2015 — Circles With Dulles Motorcars
04/21/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  Finally Getting Legal Advice
05/11/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  AG’s Office Closes Complaint
06/23/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  The Dealership Reaches Out
06/26/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  Dulles Motorcars Revives the BBB Complaint
06/27/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  Instrument Panel Dimming Out Again
07/01/2015 — Jeep #4 Report:  NHTSA’s July 2 Public Hearing
07/02/2015 — Jeep News: NHTSA’s Tentative Findings + 10 Days to Comment
07/02/2015 — Jeep #4 Report: Chrysler Calls Me
07/15/2015 — Jeep #4 Report: More Circles
08/29/2015 — No Parts Available for R27 & Other Jeep Safety News

02/01/2016 — Jeep #4 Report: New Year, Same ol Leak

2017 Jeep News

  • 05/03/2017 — When I read that an SUV lurched out of control, I knew it was a Jeep, because Jeep #4 lurches sometimes and other times is sluggish to go when you press the gas, also dangerous when you are trying to make left turns




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