Science & faith: the conflict myth

Interview of the Day (courtesy of Socrates in the City)
Eric Metaxas talks with physicist Ard Louis

Asking good questions, appreciating the beauty of frozen waterfalls, and knowing what we don’t know

  • what is the value of human life?
  • what is the source of the laws of nature?
  • what mystery of life stops atheists in their tracks?
  • does science point us to God?
  • in looking at the world, do you start with the assumption that there is no God or that there is a God, and how that changes the course of discovery?
  • how should we live?
  •  what is a “theistic evolutionist”?
  • when I am in the laboratory, what am I doing as a Christian?
  • what is the scientific answer [to the great mysteries of life]? > we don’t know