The union of divinity and humanity

Christmas Season Meditations

The infinite distance between God and man, the impassable abyss, the breaking of every bond of friendship—all this was the tremendous consequence of sin. Then between God and man appeared the sweet Babe of Bethlehem; suddenly and completely the whole situation changes: distance is overcome and across the abyss a wonderful bridge erected which unites earth with heaven and reestablishes relations of intimacy between God and men.
— Divine Intimacy, Father Gabriel of St Mary Magdalene

I told you that I have made a bridge of the Word, my only-begotten Son, and such is the truth. I want you to realize, my children, that by Adam’s sinful disobedience the road was so broken up that no one could reach everlasting life. Since they had no share in the good for which I created them, they did not give me the return of glory they owed me, and so my truth was not fulfilled. What is this truth: that I had created them in my image and likeness so that they might have eternal life, sharing in my being and enjoying my supreme eternal tenderness and goodness. But because of their sin they never reached this goal and never fulfilled my truth, for sin closed heaven and the door of my mercy.

… But first I want you to look at the bridge of my only begotten Son, and notice its greatness. Look! It stretches from heaven to earth, joining the earth of your humanity with the greatness of the Godhead. This is what I mean when I say it stretches from heaven to earth—through my union with humanity.

This was necessary if I wanted to remake the road that had been broken up, so that you might pass over the bitterness of the world and reach life.

…But my Son’s having made of himself a bridge for you could not bring you to life unless you make your way along that bridge.

— Dialogue, St Catherine of Siena

If we wish to be united to God, we have no other means than to attach ourselves to Jesus, to pass through Him, our Mediator, our Bridge, our Way.

— Divine Intimacy, Father Gabriel of St Mary Magdalene

Whatever way I turn, I meet nothing but ineffable love. I cannot excuse myself for not loving You, because it is You alone, God and man, who loved me without any return of love on my part, because when I did not exist, You created me. In You I find all that I want to love. … If I want to love God, I have Your ineffable Deity, if I want to love man, You are man. … If I want to love the Lord, You paid my ransom with your blood, and lifted me up from the slavery of sin. You are our Lord, Father, and Brother by Your benignity and Your incommensurable charity. …

You are God, supreme Wisdom, I am only a poor ignorant creature.
You are sovereign, eternal goodness.
I am death, You are life;
I am darkness, You are light;
I am stupidity, You are Wisdom;
You are infinite, I am finite.
I am sick, You are the physician;
I am a weak sinner that  has never loved You;
You are purest beauty, and I am most vile creature.

In Your ineffable love, You have drawn me to You; You draw us all to You, that is, if our will does not rebel against Yours.

— St Catherine of Siena