I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

This is a test page, not a post, but I think it will appear as a post the first time I publish it. [EDIT: wrong!]  A confession page. The I don’t know what I’m doing page, as if you didn’t know that already. The page where I ask any who stumbled to this dark corner of the Web to forgive me all my wordpress and blogging etiquette violations. I learn by doing, and I have not yet figured out how to use pages appropriately and effectively (or posts, menus, widgets, RSS feeds, and so on). I have an idea in my head about how I want them to work, but I don’t know if that is how they are meant to work, and I haven’t figured out how to set up specific pages and associate specific posts to a master static page.

I promise to look for some wordpress tutorials and learn some new things this week.

Things I’m trying to learn / understand / do:

  • associate a post with a page (not sure this can be done); pages can have parent pages, but I don’t see how to assign a post to a page
  • create user-friendly navigation for anyone who visits
  • Menus? I get two. One is set as a primary. Huh? I’m a long way off from setting up menus.
  • Formatting text. I see icon for bold and italic, but I don’t see an icon to remove the underline from hyperlinks. Do I have to go into the HTML code to do this? Please, no! I have not messed with HTML since the mid-90s, when it was still fairly new to the public.

I have already created pages and posts and deleted and remade them, and so content has been posted as a page then a post and back to a page, but I didn’t know I was doing the right thing in the first place, because I did not have enough content to work with to see how everything would be laid out. [ADDENDUM:  and now I’ve changed “themes,” which improved navigation.

If this proves to be too complicated for Simple Girl, then I will stop and go for a walk.


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